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House Doctor Cabinets

Cabinet, Glass, Brass, Large By House Doctor Cabinet, Glass, Brass, Large By House Doctor
Beautiful wall hung brass and glass cabinet only. Please contact us for enquiries about this product. 35X15cm Height 80 CM Glass 68 percent Brass 32 percent

House Doctor Cabinets - Danish Design Furniture

When we think about cabinets, we think of practicality, we think of organisation, we think of that essential cornerstone of many a room in the home, but at the same time we also think about style. With this range of House Doctor cabinets, you can tell that this is what the designers of these gorgeous pieces of furniture think of as well.

Contact us for enquiries

Please contact us for enquiries or if you have any questions about the pieces of design in this collection of House Doctor cabinets. We have a true passion for home decor, and as such we like to hear about other people's inspirations and visions for their homes.

Danish style home furniture

Danish home furniture has this dual purpose: there is in fact a philosophy which goes down to the very core of almost all items of Scandi decor which privileges functionality and simplicity to the point that this pragmatic way of looking at things in itself becomes an aesthetic of its own. In particular, one of the things which you will see with items from brands such as House Doctor, who specialise in all things Danish home design-related, is that there is a sleekness which sits perfectly in combination with a proud display of the raw material textures and colours. This is what you will see in these House Doctor cabinets, which, whether you choose the brass or the mango wood options, make great use out of their natural look.

Warm, stylish and practical

In this way, and with a touch of something special, whether you think of it as design know-how, experience, or just plain magic, a beautiful warmth arises out of the overall look of the designs. The best thing when it comes to the layout of the rooms in your home is if you can manage to blend functionality and fine appearance, and indeed do so in a way that doesn't feel over-worked, that has a kind of organic, natural feel which feeds into the ambience of the surrounding space.

Full of character, full of storage

This is just what you will manage to get with these cabinets made by House Doctor. Whilst being offered an opportunity, depending on what kind of cabinet you choose, either to store away items, or have them in view with some of the display cabinet options, you will also be able to place in your home something which is appealing to the eyes just in its very elegance.


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