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Bloomingville Vases

Bloomingville Elissa Vase White In Stoneware With Face And Stem Holes Bloomingville Elissa Vase White In Stoneware With Face And Stem Holes
19 in stock
Vase White in Stoneware with Face and Stem Holes by Bloomingville We love to look at faces. This calm looking person is the perfect piece to draw your eye. She looks great on a shelf as a decorative object or give her a haircut of beautiful flowers. Whichever you decide this beautiful bud vase will bring you joy. 15.5 wide x 14.5 hight x 10cm deep Stoneware Due to the handcrafted nature, the finis…
Bloomingville Elveda Vase In Black And White Stoneware Bloomingville Elveda Vase In Black And White Stoneware new
9 in stock
Elveda Vase in Black and White Stoneware by Bloomingville This medium sized vase is simple but striking with its linear black-and-white decoration. Black and white high contrast patterns draw the eye, but they wont detract from a colourful display of flowers in the vase. This tactile, stoneware vase is sculptural with the heavy nature of the material, making it the kind of object you want to pick…
Bloomingville Embla Vase, White, Stoneware With Face And Texture Pattern Bloomingville Embla Vase, White, Stoneware With Face And Texture Pattern
20 in stock
Vase, White, Stoneware with Face and Texture Pattern by Bloomingville A vase that is brought to life when filled with some fresh blooms or greenery but looks equally as stunning when sitting empty as a beautiful art piece upon your shelf. This vase is seriously the cutest. Who wouldn’t want this smiling face looking back at you from your kitchen table or mantle piece? The gorgeous neutral tone to…
Bloomingville Niza Vase In Black Terracotta Bloomingville Niza Vase In Black Terracotta
6 in stock
Niza Vase in Black Terracotta by Bloomingville In black with a contrasting white pattern, this stunning deco terracotta vase looks incredible on any shelf. In matt black with a shiny white line design, these stunning Diameter 20cm Height 16.5cm Vases Each piece is painted by hand, making each one unique. Danish design Bloomingville Code: 82049588
Bloomingville Vase In Green Glass With Vintage Look Bloomingville Vase In Green Glass With Vintage Look
4 in stock
Vase in Green Glass with Vintage Look by Bloomingville This rich, deep green glass vase has a retro shape to it which would look stunning either with midcentury furniture or as a statement piece amongst an ecclectic mix. The glass has a gorgeous quality to it and the green offsets flowers beautifully. Diameter 14.5 x Height 25 cm Glass Striking statement piece Bloomingville Code: 82046214
Bloomingville Vase In Grey Glass - Ribbed With Gold Base Bloomingville Vase In Grey Glass - Ribbed With Gold Base new
1 in stock
Vase in Grey Glass - Ribbed with Gold Base by Bloomingville This simple but elegant vase from Danish design company Bloomingville is a beautiful and tactile object in its own right. The vase has a hint of the Art Deco to it and looks gorgeous filled with flowers or even as a candle holder, where the ribbed glass will catch the light. The gold base is an extra eye-catching highlight. Diameter 15cm,…
Bloomingville Vase, Green, Glass with Gold Base Bloomingville Vase, Green, Glass with Gold Base
4 in stock
Bloomingville Deco Green Glass Vase with Gold Base The beatuiful herringbone ribbed green glass off set by a gold base of this unusual vase or candle lantern by Bloomingville gives it a wonderful deco feel. It's perfect as a work of art in itself or to hold flowers. Use it for candles to watch the effect of light on the ribbed glass or leave it on a window ledge. Diameter 20cm Height 21cm

Bloomingville Vases - Danish Home Décor

It is a crying shame not to make the most of what a vase can bring to the overall ambience and look of a living space – and if you are a fan of Danish home décor, then you will want to take a look at these stunning Bloomingville vases. These are the kind of accessories which can quietly reimagine the whole feel of a room.

Small surprises

Everyone here at Fig1, just like the skilful and dedicated team at Bloomingville, gets excited about exploring those opportunities to create small surprises in the home. It is those little sparks, those seemingly effortless touches, which can help make your home tell a story. And Bloomingville vases present an ideal occasion to add those surprising touches of design flair into your own home.

Natural, elegant atmosphere

We are big fans here of that unmistakeably natural and simplistic Nordic atmosphere. Bloomingville are similarly fascinated by both Nordic style and the sense of peace, comfort and happiness that the accompanying lifestyle might offer. And this passion for scandi style comes through in their vases, which are fine examples of the according design philosophy put into action. In this way, there is very little artifice or over-the-top superficial extravagance. Instead, it is the material makeup of the products which is placed front and centre of the design. And for the final touch of beauty, there is enough of a playful twist for the vases to take on a new nature and character of their own.

Enrich your home

Part of the Scandinavian home décor philosophy is that accessories, and even pieces of furniture, are not built to dominate your living space. Rather, everything is there to support everything else, indeed to support you and to create an equilibrium where each part of the puzzle is carefully considered and, whilst being aesthetically appealing on its own, is also part of the wider picture. We think that these vases do this with aplomb, as they offer refreshing and attractive patterns, textures and colours, but do so in an elegant way. Place them on the floor or on the shelf and enjoy the subtle enrichment of the surrounding space.


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