Strawberries and cream, Pimms and lemonade, hay bales and the tombola … the Village Fete was the highlight of life in every Cotswold village for miles around when I was growing up. It wasn’t summer unless you were batting a rat or racing with three legs, a spoon and an egg – in a sack whilst singing along to the Wurzels. In celebration of summers past and this summer yet to come, we’ve put together the first of our “summer moods” selections. And to get the party started, they’re all in our summer moods 15% off offers on our site together with a few other choice summer party bits.

We’re developing some other mood boards so watch this space for more ideas and offers.

  1. 10 Cake Decoration Sticks Assorted Designs by Rice DK
  2. 10 Paper Cake Decoration Cones 5 Assorted Prints by Rice DK
  3. Kids Sequin Masks 6 Assorted Designs by Rice DK
  4. Small Paper Lantern Available in 2 Assorted Prints by Rice DK
  5. Original Bunting by Engel
  6. Melamine Bowls in Assorted Prints with Lid – Set of 3 by Rice DK
  7. Carnival Set of 3 Cake Tins by BlissHome
  8. 6 Picnic Plastic Wine Glass with Glitters Assorted Colors by Rice DK
  9. Paper Cake Stand in 2 Assorted Prints by Rice

One Reply to “Summer Moods 1 – The Village Fete”

  1. I love this mood board the best because it appeals to my childlike love of picnics, village fetes, bunting and days at the beach, making sandcastles! Ah, come on Summer Holidays!!

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