I know Petula says that when we’re low and life is making you lonely we can pop off down town, but sometimes it is all just too much effort. Usually rushed off my feet, I find I often fill the quiet time with friends,  family and entertaining.  Well not last night,  I tell you.  I’ve been under the weather all week, my partner is away so it was me, some magazines, a fire and a film for the evening.  I couldn’t even muster to wander to the shops in slippers and dressing gown and so made my favourite stote cupboard supper – putanesca – and served it in this bowl by Rice to cheer me up and stop me feeling too ill.
For those not in the know,  Putanesca sauce is a tomato sauce (onions, garlic, tomatoes … the usual base), sometimes with canned tuna or other fish, flavoured with finely diced salted anchovies, chopped capers, olives and a touch of chilli. Powerful stuff.

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