If there was a mother of invention, it was mine. There was little she wouldn’t make for us. Occasionally we wished it was chocolate and not carob cake in our lunch box, but mostly it made us feel special, treasured and nurtured. She’s moved on from the Good Life phase and into the age of Prosecco (the Elderflower wine never was the best), although it’s still usually served up with a home made meal for the ever increasing family she’s now grand matriarch of. These are a few of our favourite finds for Mums this mother’s day.

The Moth

Mums like to listen, right? This collection of true stories from The Moth is like a nourishing soup for the brain cooked up in the melting pot which is New York. People from all over the world tell their life stories at the Moth and this is a collection of some of the best. Find it here.

Øy Hand Cream

They perform some magic each and every day, Mum’s hands. Mums are a well of creativity – always able to turn their hands to a new project, fixing everything from bikes and grazed knees to broken hearts. They need their hands and we need them. Find it here.

Salted Caramel Truffles

More than worth the calories, these hand-crafted and gorgeously boxed truffles from Somerset’s James Chocolates make a stunning gift. They’ll be a memorable moment on the lips. Find it here.

Prosecco Bath Soak

A soak in the bath with a glass of the good stuff? Light and bubbly with a floral bouquet – just don’t get carried away and tip Aperol in the bath too. Made in Cumbria but inspired by Italy’s favourite way to kick back and relax, it’s one effervescent way to treat your Mum. Find it here.

Champagne Glass

These classic beauties are the perfect way to raise a glass to Mum and celebrate how she makes life awesome. Paired with a bottle and a card it’s the party she deserves nearly as instantly as she made you feel better last time you needed her. Find it here.

White Tea and Ginger Candle

Mums help light the way through life but when mine does finally sit down with that glass of bubbly she loves some gentle candle light. This white tea and ginger candle from Meraki sets the mood for some well earned rest and relaxation. Probably best if you do the washing up too, though. Find it here.

Bird Candle Holder

What is life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? Not a sentiment my Mum would hold much truck with – she’s always way too busy doing something – but on the rare occasion she does stand still she likes looking at the garden birds. These beauties on fine ceramic dance in the candle light. Find it here.

Wow Factor Scarves

Always making a difference in the background these scarves are a great way to bring out the leading lady in any Mum. Designed by Copenhagen design duo Beck Sondergaard, their scarves and accessories have playful character to match Mum’s joie de vivre. Find them here.

Hepworth Necklace

Ready for a chain of inspiration? Barbara Hepworth, the sculptor, was fascinated by finding symbols of motherhood in the Cornish landscape. It inspired her work and that work inspired this necklace, by East End jewellery designers Wolf and Moon. Your Mum might like it too. Find it here.

Clematis Lights

And if all else fails say it with flowers. Hand crafted metal decorations make these lights more artwork than ornament. Find it here.

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