Jars of Food on Shelves
Stocking up our food shelves

We were the weird kids at school. In the days when spaghetti bolognese was exotic, we had lunch boxes full of olives, spanakopita and left over risotto. My Dad grew up with meals set by days of the week so you always knew what you were getting, my Mum, however, grew up in the melting pot of cultures which is the East End. She’s Greek and Maltese heritage herself so we’ve always eaten a lot of Mediterranean food.

British food culture has long since embraced the magpie nature of eating which we grew up with, but there’s more to the way my extended family used to eat than just the recipes and ingredients. It’s about the social nature of food, eating together and sharing abundantly. My family is a big, close family and food is the glue which sticks us together. There is always an extra seat at the table ready. Food is casual and generously shared, served in big dishes or in the saucepan in the centre of the table. And there is always more – another jar of something you can open and add to salad leaves.

So it makes me feel happy when I walk in our shop to see the food section overflowing. We’ve recently taken on Seggiano who are truly back to my roots, dealing in Mediterranean ingredients which make a gourmet meal served straight from the jar. The roasted artichoke hearts in extra virgin olive oil taste of richly distilled sunshine with the grassy nature of the oil and the warmth of the chargrilled smoke notes. They’re a jarred feast of kings.

A Chance to Try Seggiano

If you’re in Bristol on 8th November, 6-9pm we’ll be hosting a Christmas season launch evening. Email us on enquiries@fig1.co.uk to reserve a place and we’ll treat you to a taste of Seggiano’s finest and a glass of bubbly.

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