Things I look for when planning supper and what’s simple, easy, full of vegetables and tasty. In addition yesterday the question was “what can I do with pumpkin entrails”. When we visited House Doctor group recently they’d made some simple soups using their sauces which we could add noodles, vegetables, chicken, or nuts to and so I thought I’d try something similar. The soup pictured above was made by sauteing a couple of onions, adding the innards of a medium sized pumpkin and some water to simmer until soft, then simply adding 1 jar of Nicholas Vahe spicy mango sauce and a can of coconut milk. I then blended it with a stick blender. It can be thinned down with a bit more water as required but is basically a tasty soup base. We added noodles, tofu and courgette to ours. Brief fulfilled.

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