Why Set Sale?

Some small businesses shy away from sales events, but I find them a really exciting part of the year. For us, it’s really important to strip out bits from our collection so we can refresh it. We’ve already spent much of the year lining up new potential suppliers. We spend what adds up to a couple of weeks a year at trade shows – we’re even off to one in Denmark in August. To keep the business fresh and alive the Summer Sale is essential as it clears way for new designs and designers.

Why do anything if you don’t do it in style?

We’re really lucky to have a close collaboration with the House Doctor group and we’re starting to stock their gourmet food brand, Nicholas Vahe. They helped provide ingredients for nibbles and drinks including a Sangria de Cava with rhubarb and raspberry lemonade and an Amaretto iced coffee – really simple but crowd pleasing cocktails great for a summer party.

Sangria de Cava


60ml Cava



15ml Brandy
Seasonal fruits and ice to serve
If making this in a glass put the ice and fruit in a glass, measure and carefully pour the other ingredients down the side of the glass so not to lose too much fizz. Stir.

Iced Amaretto Coffee





100ml almond milk
30ml amaretto
Crushed Ice
Mix the ingredients in a jug or shaker. Pour over a glass of crushed ice.

Tofu Sticks Served with Spicy Mango Sauce




250g pack of firm tofu
Juice of half a lime
2 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tbsp agave nectar
1 tbsp sesame oil
Oil for frying


Slice the block of tofu into 2.5cm “steaks”. Place in a shallow bowl or food container. Mix the marinade ingredients together and pour over the tofu. Leave to marinade overnight or for 4 hours, turning halfway to marinade all over.


Fry the tofu steaks on a medium-high heat. Let them go brown on each side before turning. At the end, add the marinade to the pan – it’ll sizzle so be careful but let it reduce to form a sticky coating for the tofu. Once the tofu has cooled, cut into 2.5cm cubes and stab with a cocktail stick. Serve with Nicholas Vahe spicy mango gourmet sauce or another dip of your choosing.

Summer Rolls

250g celeriac – julienne cut or grated 250g white cabbage – finely sliced 40ml Nicholas Vahe mango vinegar40ml cold pressed rapeseed oil½ a cos lettuce
Coriander, mint or Thai basil to taste 12 rice paper wrappers for rolls Nicholas Vahe salad topper We developed this recipe to give people at our Summer party a salad they could eat as finger food. Mix the cabbage and celeriac with the mango vinegar and rapeseed oil, plus a pinch or two of salt. I like to let this mix “marinade” for a few hours if possible as it softens the slaw. Cut the lettuce and prepare the herbs so that they are in pieces about half the diameter of your rice papers. This makes it easy to assemble the rolls To assemble the rolls, make sure you have all your ingredients laid out and space to roll as the papers get sticky quickly. Dip a rice paper in a bowl of boiling water with tongs, remove it as it starts to soften. Lay out some lettuce, slaw mix and herbs in the centre of the roll leaving exposed paper all around. Fold the base and top of the circle in towards the middle, then roll from one side, keeping them tight. It takes a little practice. We cut the rolls diagonally and dip them in a seed mix to serve.

Simple Tartlets

We also made some simple pastry (shop bought – it’s Vegan so made it easy for those who like plant-based food) pastry cases and filled them with Nicholas Vahe fig jam and Nicholas Vahe coconut and passion fruit jam, topped with a strawberry. Simple but delicious.

Winner, Winner, Plant Based Dinner

Check out our social media for the chance to win a Nicholas Vahe hamper until 23rd July 2018.



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